Leveraging on IT to grow your business is the right strategy for your business, and keeping it secure is the responsible step to take. With Ransomware, ever-evolving viruses and malware infecting devices every day, your devices must be secured by a system that evolved automatically to meet the threats.


Your company has invested in quality hardware such as laptops and desktops to operate your business, but the value of these machines lies in what they store. Drastically reduce downtime when your hardware eventually fails or gets damaged by backing them up automatically with our Backup solutions. Backup so that your startup is instant.



Zoom in from Towards Cloud Dashboard into each device via our one-click remote desktop feature and see what your team sees. Remove imagination from the troubleshooting process and increase the efficiency of your man hours.


Take control of any of your devices with an internet connection with or without a person manning the device. No more frustration from instruction, just take control and find the solution remotely.


IT solutions that solve themselves, that is the power of keeping your systems updated. Why leave backdoors to your system when you can install automatic doors that close? Click once and forget about, now that’s technology.

Monthly Reports

Know how well your system is performing with monthly reports on the viruses and malware it blocked over the month. Discover the vulnerabilities addressed by patching in our monthly reports, or just delete it. Because now you know you are in control.

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